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Payment: Unless otherwise arranged with the photographer, payment is due at the time the photo shoot occurs.

Core Service Area: Core service area includes 20-mile radius of Old Town, Alexandria encompassing Northern Virginia (Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties), Washington DC, and Maryland (Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties). Unless other arrangements are made, services requiring travel outside the 20-mile core service area radius are subject to travel surcharge and/or reimbursement from the client.

Real Estate Listing Property Condition and Access: The agent or homeowner is responsible for any staging of the property. For liability purposes, the photographer will not stage or move anything on the property, and the property will be photographed “as is” upon arrival. Unless other arrangements are made, the agent or their representative shall be present for the session and will make arrangements with the homeowner for access to the site.

To aid in making the property most favorably presentable for photography, agents and homeowners are strongly urged to review our Property Photography Preparation Tips guide. If at the time of the scheduled visit the as-is site is deemed by the agent or homeowner to be unprepared for photography, or if preparation of and/or access to the property will cause a delay more than 15 minutes beyond scheduled appointment start, the photographer reserves the right to cancel the appointment and bill the full rate of the session.

Listing photographs will portray the property in its “as is” condition with only light touchup (e.g., lifting shadows, dropping highlights, color correction, etc), but will not be altered in a way that misrepresents the physical state of the property (e.g. Photoshop removal of flaws or property fixtures such as utility poles/wires, utility meters or boxes, neighboring buildings/infrastructure, etc.). The client or other third parties shall hold the photographer harmless for any possible claims, damages, or lawsuits arising from photographic misinterpretation or misrepresentation by the agent, or by alterations performed post-delivery by the client or other parties to modify cosmetic appearance.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations with more than 24 hours notice prior to scheduled appointment will incur no charge. If advance notification is not provided, cancellation is subject to $75 cancellation fee. Except in the event of inclement/severe weather preventing safe travel to the site, cancellations occurring on the day of the scheduled session are subject to being billed the full amount of the photo package, including applicable travel surcharge if the photographer was already en route.

Inclement Weather Policy: Inclement/severe weather preventing safe travel to the site may require rescheduling the shoot to the next available session window, and will not be subject cancellation fee. If weather conditions are less than ideal for exterior presentation, the photographer may proceed with the interior shoot at that session and schedule a follow-up for the exterior shoot ASAP at no additional charge.

General Copyright and Usage: Copyright ownership of photographs and media remain with the photographer unless otherwise arranged with DannyDanSoy Photography through full rights purchase by the client. Commercial license agreement terms, usage, and duration are arranged between the client and photographer when services are hired, and are reflected in the license documentation accompanying delivery of commercial photographs. License duration begins upon receipt of payment for products and services rendered. In cases where payment is not received or where client is refunded, licenses are terminated and client is no longer permitted to use delivered photos.

Real Estate Listing Photography Copyright & Usage: Photographs delivered under Real Estate Listing Photography Services include license usage solely for the purchaser and/or MRIS for use in subject listing’s electronic and print marketing material, and the agent’s own promotional materials for a period of 2 years from date of delivery. License is single-use, meaning usage is non-transferable to other agents, brokers, or additional third parties for re-listing should the property listing transfer to another agent within or beyond the 2 year license duration; third parties requesting usage are to contact the photographer to arrange for license purchase. Usage for marketing other “similar” properties (i.e. a listing for a different property that is identical/similar/comparable) is prohibited unless otherwise arranged with photographer in writing through explicit written consent, commercial license agreement, or full rights purchase by the client. License duration begins upon receipt of payment for products and services rendered. In cases where payment is not received or where client is refunded, licenses are terminated and client is no longer permitted to use delivered photos.

Services Scope: Any work requested outside the scope of the agreed upon service may incur an additional hourly fee. Requested reshoots of scenes due to updates to a subject (e.g. subject is renovated, restaged, re-landscaped, etc., after the session) or due to factors outside the control of the photographer after the session (e.g. changes in client’s staging preferences) may be treated as a separate session and would be charged, accordingly.

Client Satisfaction: My policy is to deliver services and products within the agreed upon scope to be commissioned, at a level of quality that earns the satisfaction of my clients. If the project deliverables do not meet the agreed upon requirements and we are unable to satisfactorily rectify the situation, the client pays nothing outside of travel/lodging and project specific fees, and associated usage licenses for photos from the project are terminated.